The Legend of Steve the Leprechaun


On this fine St. Patrick’s Day, I would like to share with you the tale of Steve the Leprechaun.

No person knows exactly when Steve traveled from the chilly shores of the Emerald Isle to America.  Some say he stowed away on a boat in the 17th Century. Others believe he floated on a coin of gold.  We shall never know.

What we do know is that Steve set his sights on the Kelly household and continues to return every St. Patrick’s Day Eve to wreak havoc and mayhem.

Steve, like all leprechauns, can be extremely elusive to humans.  In 2010, Kaitlin believed she spotted him and made this effigy replica (above) in his honor.  Up until this point, he had been referred to as “The Mischievous Leprechaun”.  It was Kaitlin that decided to call him “Steve” and the name stuck.

Every St. Patrick’s Day morning, we wake to see our home wrecked and defiled by this little trouble maker.  We were holding out hope that he wouldn’t have realized we moved away from New York this past year and couldn’t locate a forwarding address.  Just in case, Kaitlin made this trap for Steve in hopes we could could pin him down at night, get his pot of gold and banish him from our home forever.

Kaitlin with Steve Trap

We should have known better. We awoke this morning to find Steve had escaped the trap and discovered these atrocities:

Toilet water turned green
Toilet water turned green


Furniture turned upside down
Furniture turned upside down


Chairs flipped over adorned with puppets
Chairs flipped over adorned with puppets


While Steve does create a mess for us every year, he is relatively harmless.  However, our kids are a little freaked out by his shenanigans and we use that to our advantage.

This is the song we sing to them each night to make sure they behave year-round…


Gather ’round lassies and hear of this tale

Of Steve the Leprechaun whose shenanigans prevail

Oh, there happen to be children that don’t listen or mind

And to those unfortunate souls then Steve he shall find

No matter the time and no matter the year

Steve hides in your closet with the sharpest of ears

If you whine, cry and fuss then he’ll have little choice

Since he doesn’t like that nasty little tone in your voice

So make sure you mind your parents and others you meet

Or Steve will jump out of the closet at night and gnaw off your feet


(and Steve)

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