Snow Day Fun

Dear Southern Reader,

It’s that time of year when some of you wish the Northern snowfall would migrate southward and grace your lawn with its fluffy joy.  Nothing is better than a snow day.

Yes, the anticipation of snow is thrilling.  Purchasing bread and milk is fun.  Preparing soups and stews is solid family time.

Awaking to the sight of the ground covered in a blanket of untouched ivory clouds of frozen water can bring a tear to the eye.  Oh, yes…we recently lived in the Northeast.  We recall all the fun.


Making a snow angel is great! So much fun!

Megs in snow


Then, as an adult, you get to shovel all the snow!  Fun and a great cardio workout!  It’s so great!!! 5 hours of bliss!  And then, after the next storm…you do it all over again!



You even get to wake up early in the morning and blaze a path just so your dog can take a wiz!


Abbey taking a leak


Unfortunately, it begins to melt and/or rain and you’re surrounded by massive puddles of slush and mud.  Fun is over.

You know what’s even better? Buying a plane ticket to Colorado and playing in the snow.  You can buy that ticket because you’re not spending most of your money on NY taxes.

You go play in the snow. Then you come home.

Now that’s fun!




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  1. I knew you’d take the time to make fun of us up here! the snow looks quite lovely from my window. The sun is out. But it’s a balmy -6 right now. The thought of actually taking the boys out to play is not appealing. But then again, hearing them whining and fighting over who has what on the iPad – I might just let them go out and play. Please send some warmth up our way. I beg you. Winter is here. Not leaving until May.

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