Music of 2013

The staff of WordDK didn’t do a great job keeping up with new music this year.

We switched office locations (again) and took a new day job.  Yes, it’s true that the CEO of our blog (he demands we call him Czar DK)  is now working for a music streaming service.  Since we now have a plethora of music at our finger tips, we tend to dive deep into the musical libraries from the past 40 years.

Have no fear readers!  While Czar DK was lost in a deep haze of 70s rock and 80s electronica, his staff found time to discover some excellent current music.

Below is our favorite music of 2013.



Courtney Barnett – “Avant Gardener”

Czar DK recently met with some friends at a pub near Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta.  As he was departing one of those chaps (let’s call him Randy O’Neal) mentioned he liked a musician from Australia name Courtney Barnett.  The Czar listened to this song over and over again while on MARTA and was hooked.  Yes, MARTA was enjoyable because of this song!  Unfathomable! Well, this quickly became one of the top singles for the WordDK staff.



 The National – “Demons”

We’ve always liked this band.  The Czar saw them in concert this year and was floored by how great they perform live.  We urge you to check out the entire album “Trouble Will Find Me”.  If you dig it, go deeper to other albums.



Jake Bugg – “Lightning Bolt”

This actually came out in 2012 but we didn’t hear it until this year.  Don’t judge us.



Thao & the Get Down Stay Down – “We the Common”

The Czar listened to this about 40 times while driving from Los Angeles to San Diego in September.  He suggests you do the same.  Seriously, buy a ticket to LAX and drive to San Diego.  It’s a great drive.  No traffic at all.  Enjoy.



Vampire Weekend – “Unbelievers”

We have a thing for Vampire Weekend.  This entire album is fantastic.  Don’t believe us?  Well, listen to this track. If you don’t like it, you’re a soulless troglodyte.



Cayucas – “High School Lover”

Catchy.  Makes us wish we were cool in high school instead of walking around wearing black sweatshirts named after a feline inspired club.  Ha Ha Ha…that didn’t happened.  Really…I was kidding…really.


Stop looking at me.



Lemuria – “Brilliant Dancer”

So many hooks.  So many directions.  We can’t define this song but we like it.



The Mowgli’s – “The Great Divide” 

If you don’t like happiness then don’t listen.  This is one happy song.



Daft Punk – “Get Lucky”

Was there another song you heard more than this in 2013?  No.  If you said yes, you’re a liar.


Well, that ‘s it.  If we missed anything or have any other recommendations, let us know!


Happy New Year!

Staff of WorkDK







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