Irish Music

We here at WordDK are continuing the Irish related posts as we approach St. Patrick’s Day. There may be nothing better than sitting in a pub with friends singing along to the sounds of flutes, fiddles, bodhráns and pipes.  I spent most of my recent trip to Dublin listening to various groups playing traditional Irish Continue Reading →

Irish Dancing

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, we’re less than two weeks away from a holiday that is revered in our home.  Christmas first.  St. Patrick’s Day is a very close second.  It’s time for some Irish Dancing! While our family awaits the arrival of Steve The Leprechaun, we spend our days following Continue Reading →

Snow Day Fun

Dear Southern Reader, It’s that time of year when some of you wish the Northern snowfall would migrate southward and grace your lawn with its fluffy joy.  Nothing is better than a snow day. Yes, the anticipation of snow is thrilling.  Purchasing bread and milk is fun.  Preparing soups and stews is solid family time. Continue Reading →

Music of 2013

The staff of WordDK didn’t do a great job keeping up with new music this year. We switched office locations (again) and took a new day job.  Yes, it’s true that the CEO of our blog (he demands we call him Czar DK)  is now working for a music streaming service.  Since we now have Continue Reading →

Surviving Santa

Most children that celebrate Christmas love Santa.  However, many of those same children are terrified when forced to see him in flesh and blood. Join me as we take a journey fraught with fear and acceptance know as: The Kelly Children and their Magical Santa Voyage   2004 Kaitlin is oblivious to her surroundings.  Yet, Continue Reading →

Lunch Box


I miss old school lunch boxes. Not the cheap plastic kind you see nowadays. I mean the heavy, steel made vessels with durable latches that kept milk cold, soup hot, and could occasionally be used as a weapon to fend off schoolyard bullies. Recently, while dropping our twins off at daycare, I discovered a stairwell Continue Reading →

Exit Strategy


I don’t like saying goodbye. When an evening out to a dinner or event begins to wind down, I prefer a quick wave or hug goodbye and out the door I go. However, social standards seem to require us all to spend MORE time exchanging farewell pleasantries even when it’s clear everyone just wants to Continue Reading →


  What happened in Boston this week is deplorable on many levels. Nearly two days later, I can’t shake the sickness I feel because of what happened during a celebration of human endurance.  An event celebrating average citizens running 26.2 miles. In 2001, I began training for the New York Marathon. After many months of Continue Reading →

The Legend of Steve the Leprechaun

On this fine St. Patrick’s Day, I would like to share with you the tale of Steve the Leprechaun. No person knows exactly when Steve traveled from the chilly shores of the Emerald Isle to America.  Some say he stowed away on a boat in the 17th Century. Others believe he floated on a coin Continue Reading →

Falcons Forever

The kid above wasn’t even 2 years old when that Falcons cap was placed upon his fragile dome. From that point forward, the future was written. Falcons fan forever. Oh sure, he would move to Michigan and grow up cheering for the Detroit Lions.  During those years while pulling for Eric Hipple, David Hill and Continue Reading →